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After established as a local representative office in Feb 1993 to act over Tokyo, we were officially registered as Tokyo-branch in Jan 2003. We are engaged in comprehensive wholesale banking business including provision of loan, foreign exchange, deposit taking, remittance and bond investment. We also offer various support for customers to expand business into Chinese market.

Demonstrating the maximum synergy effect between the advantageous location of Tokyo, as one of the three major financial markets in the world, and our solid and strong customer base in China, Tokyo-branch plays a significant role to provide extensive financial products and service to our customers, while supporting economic and trading activities both in China and Japan. We intend to take proactive steps to expand our business.

In December 2009, Tokyo-branch successfully joined the Foreign Exchange Yen Clearing System, which we believe allows us not only to have a new business function but also to develop Yen settlement business proactively going forward. In addition, we will make every effort to become the Yen settlement center and consequently the Yen-denominated asset management center for China Construction Bank in the future.